What is URBN DRNK?

URBN DRNK is the online beverage market for authentic beverages and spirits from small producers.

Are you a fan of beverages from small producers, but you rarely find them on the shelves of beverage stores, let alone in online shops?

Then URBN DRNK is the right marketplace for you, delivering your dream beverages to your home easily, quickly and easily!


What can you buy from URBN DRNK?

Regionality, honest products and the promotion of small producers are important to us.

At URBN DRNK you will only find exclusive, honest and high-quality products from smaller producers with a focus on Swiss producers. From gin, whiskey, liqueur and rum to mixed drinks: With us you can conveniently order everything to your home.


Who are our producers?

URBN DRNK attaches great importance to the selection of producers and focuses on transparency and quality.

In addition to regional distilleries and small producers, there are some small producers from abroad who deliver products that are not available in Switzerland and complete our range.

We select our producers according to the following criteria:

  1. The products of our producers are already available for purchase
  2. Our producers do not focus on supplying wholesalers
  3. Our producers guarantee high quality, exclusive and authentic products
  4. Most of our producers process fresh and, above all, natural ingredients

Are you a beverage producer and would like to sell your products via URBN DRNK?

Then send us an email with all information (conditions, high-resolution product images, product texts, etc.) and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.


Who is behind URBN DRNK?

Behind URBN DRNK is Tenoris GmbH, which has been successfully producing high quality and exclusive spirits for years.

URBN DRNK is a project and a platform to create reach and awareness for small producers.

Here you can find all information about Tenoris GmbH.


Do you have any further questions?

Here you will find all questions and answers about the URBN DRNK Store.