Dick & Stein Gin - 50cl

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Austrian craft gin made from 23 organic botanicals

The Austro-Berliner Tobias Dick and the Viennese Horst Stein stand for Quality and enjoyment. That is not by accident. Dick is an avid Sailor and Stein a visual artist. Both spheres in which intensity, Creativity and joie de vivre meet and unique moments arise. This is exactly what their extraordinary dry gin reflects: uncompromising in terms of quality, beauty and elegance. It should be a network of goodness the best organic ingredients in Europe, finely tuned, deeply flavored and interesting, presented in its own bottle design with the potential to Classic.    

The 23 high quality Organic ingredients come from the best growing regions in Europe. Their intense taste, the careful balance of the Aromas and the slow distillation in the small, traditional copper kettle are a guarantee for the extraordinary Quality of this gin. Dick & Stein Gin is a distiller's cut. The unfiltered, fine one ends up in the elegant bottle Middle: the heart of the gin. So come the characteristic ones Juniper notes, die freshn Citrusscents and the complex resinsounds in the Nose, on the palate and in the long finish Perfect to Validity.