Muh Gin - 50cl

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Swiss craft gin made with organic alpine milk and a Mediterranean lightness

It is a special composition, an unusual drink for the extraordinary Occasions. Just take one sip and you can see the Swiss mountains in front of you and into the valley with its lush green meadows and happy cows look down. The gentle taste of blueberries and fresh mint lies on your tongue and while the aroma invigorates your senses, you blink content in the setting sun, which gently caresses your skin. 

Moo Gin is the first Swiss gin with organic milk that puts you in the middle of the the dreamlike landscape of Switzerland. You can use the cowbells handy while you relax this unique arrangement of delicious gin and and enjoy real Swiss alpine milk. Lemons from the Italian Amalfi coast give the Muh Gin its Mediterranean lightness, which goes with it harmoniously combines the gentle aroma of oregano and thyme. The fine note of blueberry and peppermint has a long lasting effect, but without the typical Overlaying the juniper flavor of the gin.

The The special thing about Muh Gin is its extra shot of milk. This creates a wonderful one A combination that robs the gin of its severity and at the same time tastes good highlights. It predestines it for pure enjoyment that leaves a fruity aroma but also combine with a dry tonic, which also highlights the freshness of the ingredients. A unique pleasure experience for special occasions and a perfect one in the lovingly designed 50cl bottle Gift.    

Thanks to the extraordinary mixture, the taste of the spirit is not exactly classic, but varied and refreshing. Ideally, you can enjoy the drink either neat or as a classic gin & tonic in conjunction with Tonic water.


Bottle content: 50cl
Alcohol content: 40%
Country of origin: Switzerland
Canton / region: Basel-Landschaft
Type: Gin
Use: pure or for various long drinks and cocktails

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Muh Gin - 50cl

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