Nycha Kombucha Quince Pear - 33cl

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The fruity-floral interplay of the quince-pear and the green tea

nÿcha is known for its particularly thirst-quenching sweet-sour balance, complex harmonious flowery-fruity aromas and a long lingering taste development. nÿcha develops carbonic acid, enzymes and antioxidant organic acids (amino, acetic and lactic acids). The latter are said to have a positive effect on health. This is how a vitamin-rich, slightly caffeinated, naturally flavored and included low calorie drink. Fermented drinks start where others stop. nÿcha starts its journey as a tea infusion with the sugar content of an iced tea. During the natural fermentation lasting several weeks, around half of the Converted into fruity-tasting acids.
The natural fermentation gives each bottle a certain something Uniqueness - similar to champagne.

The carbon dioxide in nÿcha is finer than that of other soft drinks and thus ensures the exceptionally smooth finish. Fair, direct trade & without exception organic: only the best is good enough with our ingredients. Without exception.

nÿcha - that's Patrick Switzer, Michael Scheidiger and Christoph Scheidiger. Three friends with a shared passion for kombucha. But really good kombucha. We have been working on nÿcha with the original one since 2014 Aim to produce a healthy, natural and sustainable kombucha drink for ourselves and those around us.

The quince-pear impresses with its selected organically grown ingredients: pear, quince, Darjeeling green tea mixed with healthy enzymes. The composition is unique and convinces with the refreshing note from the quince-pear Combinations underlaid with the pleasant green tea taste. 


Bottle content 33cl
Country of origin: Switzerland
Canton / Region: Wettingen AG
Type: Fermented Lemonade
application pure or as a mixer for long drinks

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Ich fand es sehr lecker... nicht zu süss und sehr erfrischend!